June 22, 2008

"Summer Heat & Sizzle #2"

There have been some major shifts, and conflicts, emerging on my home-front.
[The lesson: be aware, always, of "Unfinished Business."] ...and, so, bear with me, while I take care of my father (lovingly, referred to as, "The Volcano.")....

...However, I did make time to cobble together a #2 video, for Summer!
Lets hope, I can enjoy these Summer Days soon..without explosions nearby (Fingers-crossed, waiting till the 4th of July!)

Link: sevenload.com

~take care, friends.
Stay Cool. ~x~ Will/Another Guy!


  1. Here's hoping there's cool water (& no fireworks) over there w/Mr."Asshole" this 4th!


  2. Hi,
    Nice video..i like it..
    Thanks for posting this blog


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