August 07, 2008

Between Time:

So? What am I going to do, between now(today) and, September 22nd?
Good question! I'm so glad you've asked~~you did ask, right?lol!

I'm a scattered person. I've decided, (quite rightly, I might add) to be as bloggishly overabundant as I can be. Considering, the stress and RL crap, I've had to deal with, blogging is probably what's keeping me alive ("a sense of humor is a lifesaver"...remember that)

Okay. So...if you go to my profile, here (or, at you'll find I've added a bunch of blogs to my Universe. The postings will be random, and I don't expect you to read and comment on them all (of course! anyone who's as prolific as me, cannot expect people to run all over the damn Matrix in order to read everything, right? I love variety, folks!~that doesn't mean everybody else does; particularly, when the subject matter is spanking, or explicit (yes, we are a devilish crew of sex-crazed bloggers, don'cha know!)....

...That's the long & Shortbus of it:

I'm scattered now, till Fall...
..Welcome, to my Universe..It's your's too, friends.


July 19, 2008

"Standby," till Fall:

I'll be a Lil Red Light,
Through this Summer, all ...

..and, return, all the brighter,

when leaf begins to fall.

Take care...see you in September.

July 12, 2008

What I Did on my Summer Staycation:

I went to Hungary....

...and, found (the Hungarian) Madonna on the Beach!


July 10, 2008

"Red Bottoms" (complete)

Cool, baby!
coming right up @ "bottomsUp"