June 13, 2008

Jenny, In a Heatwave (one year later):

(Note to Reader: This story is a sequel to "The Nude Valedictorian," which was

written, and posted in 2007 ["Click me"].

Now, one year later, Jennifer is living in Queens; however, as our story of

Summer's Early arrival opens, she is in The City, on the Hottest, 1st weekend in



Just like her Graduation Day, in 2007, Jennifer would remember just how hot

this past weekend was.
(It was hot enough to be August, not June!.."Hot, Hot,

Hot," the Weatherman sang, as Red, White, and Blue, Puerto Rican flags filled the streets of 5th. Avenue. Jennifer, made her way through the crowds, sweat pouring off her forehead...carrying a shopping bag;and, cursing herself, for forgetting it was Puerto Rican Day.
It looked as if everyone in the world was crammed onto the Avenue~~a record crowd!)

..."Just as Hot, as last year," was playing on Jenny's mind, as she brushed-up against one mini-skirted flag-waver after another; this, in turn, recalling, (at least up too this moment) a nebulous memory of herself in denim cut-offs ["Wish I were wearing them now!"]; along with, the embarrassingly bare-bottomed spanking she'd received from her father, following her Graduation Ceremonies.

["These happy people, sweating, without care." (Just last weekend, the people of Puerto Rico, went to the polls in a crucial Primary...)Now, the Salsa music, and scent of smoked foods, was rising into the hot, humid, skies. No blowing car-horns today. It was a festive gathering of sexy, happy, people.."Just, like last year...phew!"]

Last Summer, Jennifer Colepepper, (Valedictorian) missed out on an all-expense-paid-trip to Europe, because of her "Shameless, Nude, Speech!" [As, The New York Post, would caption her photo: blurred, although, visibly nude, Jenny has her back to the crowd, shaking her bare bottom.]

Now, as she made her way into Penn Station, (thanking all the God's of Air Conditioning) the memory of her Graduation Party came swirling back. Oh, she'd learned her lesson, that's for sure. Wearing her cut-offs, with her ass cheeks, peeking out..so full of herself, leaning over to kiss her relatives,daring everyone to spank her! [Her Mom: "It's okay, Jenny, everybody wants you to get naked for your party. It's your day...go ahead, get comfortable..we've all seen you already..have fun"] And, with that, came the cut-offs on the floor, along with her tube-top, and sandals~~no panties, for Jenny! She danced, break-danced; her bottom raised high, spinning on the floor. Festive, sexy. Dancing with her boy-friend; his hands, cupping her buttocks. Then, the comeuppance, of course: Leaning over her father's shoulder...the trip tickets, behind the chair.."look behind the chair, Jenny"...Nothing there! Tripped, by the waist, and slung over her father's knees; and, the video-cameras rolled, red-flashing lights...Spanking, hard, both her bare cheeks...crimson ass, and crimson face...tears..bare naked, and getting her bottom red..her bare, shaved, pussy was wet; her bottom was on fire, hot...hot, as this afternoon..so naughty, Jenny..shameless, said Aunt Kitty, as she dropped her leg off her father's lap, exposing herself completely, as if she were in a Sims Position! [Aunt Kitty was an RN, in New Orleans...worked for a GYN.]

Her father picked up one of the sandal's, and brought it down, smack dab, upon her "sit-spot."

"You can just stay naked for your party, Jenny...and, no trip to Europe, for You," as he lifted her leg, and positioned it back upon his lap.

She raised her ass, meeting the sandal, as it fell, again and again. So hot!Her face was burning!

(I deserved it, of course; she thought now. I just got so carried away by it all. The guys cheering, and just letting myself go..."free & liberated"..oh, he spanked me so hard....and, the funny thing is, I was so wet..even as my ass stung with the sandal, my clit was rubbing upon his knee, and my pussy was just dripping...My whole body was trembling, all mixed emotions: shame, embarrassment, excitement, and arousal; coursing through my body, my brain; electric sparks and tingles, as my ass went from pink to crimson. And, I could see the cameras, and hear the shouts of my girlfriends ["Spank 'er good, Mister C!...Oh, Jenny!"]. The trip to Europe....forgettaboutit! ...Guess, it wasn't such a great idea, but I'd always been kind of impulsive, and the idea stewed inside me for weeks. The more I thought about going naked under my gown, and letting the zipper down during my speech, the more I'd get closer to doing just that: showing off, letting it all hang out...I knew I had a great body, and it would be so cool to just be wild..just once. Well I was wild, alright..My folks were mortified; Aunt Kitty, just about had a stroke; and, the moment I dropped that gown, my bottom was surely cooked!)

Jenny, lost in thought; her head spinning now.

The Train pulls into Jamaica Station.

Soon, she'll be home. The entire trip was a replaying of last Summer's heat; last Summer's, hot story:

The stuff of family legend, now.


She was hot.. walking, with bag in hand; and her long legs..her skirt, swirling. Jenny was fevered. Such a heatwave!
She turned the key, and opened her door. The apartment was an oven. She lets the shopping bag fall.

....her clothes leave a trail. Her blouse, near the closed door. Both of her high heels are kicked under the couch. Her skirt is unclasped, and stepped out of; she leaves it in front of the coffee table...wearing just a triangle of cloth, a thong, Jennifer walks into the bathroom, and turns on the shower.

Stepping in, the cool water falls upon her breasts; her nipples, raising...she takes up a bar of soap, and washes her neck, letting the soap and cool water cascade down, into the crevice, the crack in her ass....

....With one hand, she soaps her ass cheeks; with the other, she uses a finger, rotating it, and circling the bud of her sex...so hot, she was..was...


....Her latest boyfriend knows all about what happened last Summer. One night, while Jennifer was at the grocery store, he'd arrived early, and stumbled upon the video cassette. He popped it into the machine; his curiosity getting the better of him.
Thirty minutes later, when Jennifer walked in the door, her eyes fell upon the television, and Steve...and, then, back to the television again...

...Steve turned to see Jennifer's red face. It was a perfect match with the one glowing from the television screen. The sound of cheers, and the slap-slap of her father's bare palm, descending upon her upraised buttocks...

"I guess, I got a story to tell you, huh?"

Steve's cock was out. He was stroking it , when Jennifer walked in.

"When you began to strip, I got rock hard...I, uhhh...Jesus, Jenny...I've never seen anything like this"...

"...It's my Graduation Party...

Jenny told Steve the whole story that night..He laughed, and gave her bottom a few spanks. He remembered reading about it in the Post..At the time, he couldn't believe anyone would do such a thing; typical, tabloid, story..the photo had to be doctored. "But, of course, it was you..so, naughty, Jenny!"

The weatherman said the heatwave would break on Tuesday; records were broken, and Summer seemed, very much, here already.

Jennifer Colepepper, has emerged from her shower, with a sense of relief; the cool water, beaded upon the tasty landscape of her body. It is 5 o'clock, Sunday evening.

Still naked, Jenny, walks down the short hall, and into the small living room, where she sees Steve seated on the couch.

"When did you get here?"

"Oh..about, fifteen minutes ago.."

She snuggled up on the couch next to him.

"I was in the City...So, hot today!...."

"A good day to be naked, huh?"

She smiles, and unzips his fly... "Umm-hmmm"

Steve stands, and unbuckles his belt...his clothes, quickly, join Jennifer's; strewn about the room as if there were an explosion at a Rummage Sale.

She leans into the seat of the couch, pushing the coffee table aside. Steve is behind her now, caressing her buttocks..her breasts. She lets out a gasp as his cock enters her; thrusting, slow and steady.

Arching her back, Steve smacks her right butt-cheek with his open palm. His large hands are holding her, and spanking her, with each thrust of his cock. She moans, and shakes her head; water, flying, from her long hair.

With her climax nearing..now..["Ohh, so good..Fuck me good, Steven..so hot..hot..hot!"]...

...The doorbell rings!...

"Jenny! Are you home.? It's Dad..."


Steve, of course, left the damn door unlocked! In walked, her father. Steve pulled out, just as the door opened...Jenny's red bottom, out-thrust, once again...open-mouthed, she can't move....

"Whoops...I uhh,...brought something for you..."


"I'll just, uhh..leave it here.."

With that, her father pulled an envelope from his suit jacket, and let it drop to the floor. He backed out of the door, closing it behind him.

"I'll call you, later, Jen. Love you," her father called out, before retreating down the stairs.

Face flushed, she stared at the closed door. Rubbing her bottom, she bent down and picked up the envelope. Opens it...

"What is it?," Steve asks, just as Jennifer spills tears, laughing at the same time.

"Two tickets," she replies, "to Europe.

...Happily, ever-after.

The end.
x,Will o6/13/08.


  1. Will; Wow! This is a hot blog! -- Excellent photos.


  2. OTK~~Glad you liked them.
    (Isn't Google search great!)

  3. I've enjoyed the words behind such potent and wonderful written stories. You did a great job.

  4. I would like to be standing next to her when a wave comes.


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