June 05, 2008

My second SUMMER of Love

Sometimes, blogs are Seasonal. The notion of heat, and cool water; vacations, and tall glasses of Long Island Iced Tea, surely sets the stage. The long Winter of our Discontent, is thrown off, along with the heavy coats.
We can be free now. Americans, hard-worked, take a break.
Students, take off those clothes & lie on the beach~~don't forget the keg, or condoms! Graduates, congratulations!: Now, go out there and be successful~~it's Summer-time, damnit!
You may be asking yourselves~~0: (and, asking me!), what the heck is the cause of this Seasonal blog..Just an extra place to spout sexy nonsense, hoping for some indecent pleasure..biding your time, are you? Trying to be a smarty pants, Will, as usual! First, it's the name changes..Then, the shifting from Wordpress to Blogger, and back to Wordpress again...and, then Blogger! Just who the hell do you think you are, anyway??? (Cain? Adam? Res?...Jeepers, you're annoying..fiddle-faddle-kaboodle!_)

.....I admit it. I couldn't post this short film at Wordpress..So, I thought what I'd do is create a small, Seasonal, Summertime blog. I'll be sexy here..naughty...fun...kinda, what you'd expect from something submitted to Sugasm.

Cheers, friends.
And, Happy Summer!


  1. Mmmm... you're making me look all the more forward to the sizzling summer!!


  2. wow, you're a busy lil beaver, lol ;)

    the green text on red bg is very xmas-y tho, and a lil harsh on the eyes. I like the sunny yellow better. Just my $.02 ;)

  3. Tara~ It's Sizzling here, fer sure!


    Lil Bit~ Busy is relative; blogging
    is (or, can be) escapism at it's best [or, at least, that's what I keep telling myself~~lol!] Thanks, for your two cents ...fixed that! Hope it's easier on the eyes. :)



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